How to Sell Your Home During the Holidays

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The holidays, spanning from November to January, are generally regarded as the time to avoid selling your home. While it may not seem ideal to put your home on the market during the cold winter months, I Buy Utah Homes has the expertise and straightforward buying process it takes to make your holiday home sale a success.

Why People Don’t Sell Their Homes During the Holidays

Listing a property during the holidays can be a hassle, so most homeowners try to avoid it. During this time, you are likely preoccupied with holiday decorations, shopping, family plans, and the idea of showing your home to potential buyers seems like a major inconvenience in both time and expense. It can also be difficult to find time for holiday celebrations while keeping your home in show condition. Lower rates of success are another common reason why people avoid selling their homes during the holidays. Most buyers prefer to look for homes during the warmer months of the spring and summer. Holidays are also a time for significant spending on gifts and celebration, so buyers may not have as much money left over to spend on a new house. Many homeowners fear that the combination of these factors will lead to buyers waiting until spring to purchase a home. Others are afraid that they will be forced to accept an offer that isn’t fair due to the lack of interest on the market.

We Will Buy Your Utah Home During the Holidays

Despite the common setbacks that come with selling a home during the holidays, you can actually have significant success during this time. I Buy Utah Homes is a real estate investing company that buys homes from owners like you. I Buy Utah Homes makes it easy to sell a damaged home during the holidays or any other time of year. To get started, simply call or fill out our brief online form to give us more information about your property. You will be contacted shortly by an I Buy Utah Homes representative in your area to schedule a convenient time to view your property and answer any questions you may have about the selling process. Our goal is to make you a cash offer in as little time as possible so you can move on with your residential plans.

Once the process begins, an I Buy Utah Homes representative will visit your property to conduct an assessment and give you the information you need to proceed with selling your home. There is no obligation for you to accept the cash offer, but once an offer has been accepted, you can typically close the sale of your home within 7 days. I Buy Utah Homes takes the hassle out of selling your home during the holidays, and you don’t have to wait for bank financing to come through because our investors always have the cash on hand. We cover all closing costs and also buy homes in need of repair, meaning you won’t have to pay for expensive inspections or appraisals. Get cash in return for your property in as little as a week and get back to enjoying the holidays.

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