Tips for Selling Your House in Winter

Jan 18, By Chris Stacey

We know that anytime you decide to put your house up on the market, it is a big, and potentially, stressful decision. We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be. There have been reports that the winter months are especially difficult for the housing market atmosphere, and that’s simply untrue. The winter months simply offer a different climate, one that must be adapted to, just like anything else. Here are some key tips and tricks to closing a great deal on your home during the winter.

Maintain Front Exterior

This is incredibly important. The front of your home is the first thing that potential buyers see. It must be tidy and becoming, while also fundamentally inviting. Due to the inclement weather, which is typical for Utah this time of year, maintaining driveways and sidewalks consistently is crucial. This means that shoveling and salting these areas are suggested to fully show off the property. Depending on the weather, this may be required daily.

Maximize Light

It is imperative to use all the natural light you can to show off your home. Artificial light, though necessary, is secondary when natural light is available. Make sure to open all curtains and draperies to assist in cascading natural light. A crucial part to this tip is to insure that all the windows are clean. Make sure all lights are operational prior, and turned on, when showing the property. If possible, refrain from showing your home after nightfall.

Highlight Conveniences

Every home has something that’s so special and absolutely singular to itself. Sometimes it’s location, or a specific appliance or a room that has a particular function. Always mention that when showing the home. Use the winter months to play up any winter sport activities that are practiced nearby. Do you happen to live by a huge hill that makes midday sledding a joy? Don’t leave that tidbit out!

Appease the Nose

It’s no secret that smell is tied to our memory and our mood. Sometimes we subconsciously forget that, but this can be the difference between a potential buyer feeling comfortable and at home, or being put off. Stick to filling your home with natural scents rather than anything artificial or from a candle. Things like cinnamon and vanilla work well. They are comforting and a bit nostalgic. If you are going the traditional baking route to fill the air with a yummy smell, make sure to have a sampling of the treat for potential buyers. Lastly, if you have strange odors or pet smells anywhere in your home, change out those rugs or fabrics and clean those areas completely to eliminate any unpleasant odor.

House Still Not Selling?

If these tips and tactics still aren’t doing the trick, we are here to help. We take the burden off of the seller and make the entire experience enjoyable again. We will make you a cash offer. We close exceptionally fast, often in as soon as 7 days. We also pay all closing costs. Contact I Buy Utah Homes now and let’s chat!

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