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About Davis County:

Davis CountyDespite being one the smaller counties in Utah, Davis County has the third highest populations thanks to its close proximity to Salt Lake City. Referred to by economists as a bedroom community, meaning that a good portion of its residents travel elsewhere for work (in this case, 42% of the population travels to Salt Lake County for work). Davis County is also home to the beautiful city of Bountiful, surrounded on 2 sides by perpetually snow-covered mountains, as well as many others. It also contains Hill AFB, which is the sixth largest employer in the state of Utah.

Davis County is a prime location for those who want to escape the craziness of city life without giving up the luxury of nearby entertainment; you are never more than an hour from a ski resort. Lagoon, a nationally renowned theme park, is even more convenient never being less than a 30 minute drive from anywhere in the county.