Need cash? Got a home you don’t want? You’ve come to the right place!


We here at I Buy Utah Homes are dedicated to exactly what our name suggests, buying Utah homes from people who are in need of cash or simply don’t want the home they currently own. We pay cash for any home without all the hassle of going through the typical home-selling process. No realtors, no listings, no open houses, we will pay you cash for home today!

For a fast, free, and friendly quote, all you have to do is fill our contact form on the right or call us at 866-984-6638. What are you waiting for? You could have cash in your hand and be rid of that unwanted Wasatch County house today!

About Wasatch County:

Wasatch CountyNestled in between a number of different mountain ranges, Wasatch County is notable for its gorgeous mountain scenery. It’s an outdoor person’s dream; camping, fishing, and skiing are all readily available with minimal travel. The county seat of Wasatch County is Heber, which is home to the historic Heber Valley Railroad, known to the locals as the Heber Creeper. While scarce in population and definitive destinations, Wasatch County is rich in history and natural beauty.

Sell Your House “As Is”

We firmly believe in the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Every home has something unique to offer, so we’ll never reject your home based on its condition. We require no inspections and no appraisals, as we want to ensure that this process for you is “no stress.”

Sell Your House Fast

Time, like your home, is a precious commodity and we never want to waste it. We will purchase your home within 30 days of your contacting us, and sales may complete as quickly as 7 days. We’re able to expedite this process because we don’t use loan lenders and there’s no unnecessary finance period.

With our tried-and-true buying process, you don’t have to waste any time moving on to brighter and better prospects.

We pay all closing costs

We want to make sure the selling process goes as smoothly as possible for you; that’s why our system prioritizes saving you money. We pay 100% of all closing costs and our method bypasses the need for realtor fees and open house fees. Too often, traditional home selling avenues cost the homeowners a lot of money and time out-of-pocket. With I Buy Utah Homes, customers report a smoother selling experience with no strings attached.

Who can we help

In short: everybody! I Buy Utah Homes helps everyone looking to sell their homes for any and all reasons. Some of the main reasons people reach out to use include:

Our 4-step home buying process

Want to sell your home with us? Here’s our simple 4-step process:

  1. Contact us (through our contact page or by calling (801) 513-1382 )
  2. One of our representatives comes to the location and makes an offer
  3. You accept or reject the offer
  4. If you accept the offer, we handle everything else—including paperwork—and your home is sold. Just like that!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at the provided contact information today.