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 Sell Home for Cash in Utah Process

Are you a landlord looking to sell your rental home for cash? Look no further than iBuy Utah Homes. Whether you are a seasoned professional or an “accidental” landlord, we can help with your rental property woes. Instead of driving yourself crazy with bad tenants and a costly property, let iBuy Utah Homes take the rental property and problem off your back.

We will buy your rental property for cash, whether it is vacant or occupied and whether it needs repairs or not.

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Selling a property because of poor tenant relations is a sometimes unfortunate necessity. While nostalgia or the entrepreneurial spirit might make you want to hold onto a rental home or apartment building, bad tenants often make being a landlord more problematic than it’s worth. Sometimes you don’t get rent on time, sometimes your rental property gets damaged, and sometimes you are forced to pay for costly maintenance repairs. But these aren’t the only issues that can come with being a landlord—you might have to deal with vandalism, potential lawsuits, and filling vacancies.

iBuy Utah Homes will help you evaluate these bad tenant woes, and whether selling your rental property is the most logical choice. Check out our quick quote form to verify that the amount we can give you — fast — will not only remove the problem of bad tenants from your life but will give you a much-needed cash infusion.

Bad Tenants Can Be a Nightmare for a Landlord

landlord-stressed-bad-tenantWhether you’re already in a crisis situation with your tenants, or just starting to sense some problems, it’s important to evaluate how the people renting your property can make like difficult — or even do permanent damage to your reputation and credit rating.

  • Late payments. Being late on the rent is one of the most common sources of owner-renter tension. At best, you waste precious time and energy chasing down those late payments. At worst, your own ability to pay the expenses related to the rental property can become compromised. Getting behind on your own payments to your lender, or owing back taxes, might take months or years to correct.


  • Property damage. Disreputable tenants have a habit of slinking away in the middle of the night, often leaving behind damage that can’t be covered by their security deposit. Vandalism related to escalating landlord-tenant hostility is one possibility, but even seemingly minor tenant neglect can be a nightmare to correct after the fact. Whether you’re dealing with graffiti on the front door or ceiling leaks from an overflowing tub, these costs can add up.


  • Theft. While of course your actual rental property can’t be stolen, there are things in and on that property that tenants have been known to steal. These include appliances — large and small — as well as maintenance equipment like lawn mowers and tools, and sought-after fixtures such as copper pipes, ceiling fans, and vintage lighting. Even if your insurance company covers some of the loss, odds are you’ll never really recover the cost and effort related to this type of theft.


  • Legal problems. Bad tenants can entangle you with the law in all sorts of unexpected ways. Anything illegal that happens on your property can potentially draw you into the fray, or at least damage your reputation. From drug-selling at one of your apartments, to police inquiries about loud parties or domestic incidents — when your name is connected with that rental property, legal headaches and embarrassment can ensue.

iBuy Utah Homes Makes it Easy to Sell Your Rental Property!

At iBuy Utah Homes, we make it easy to rid yourself of all of the headaches related to owning rental properties, including bad tenants. After you fill out our quick quote form or call us, we’ll call you with a cash offer. If it meets your needs and you accept the offer, you’ll receive the money fast — often within the week.

It’s that simple. No matter what your rental property’s condition, or how complicated your tenant problem is, we’ll buy the rental property and take those tenant issues away from you. All of the usual expense and hassle associated with selling real estate is taken off your plate. Our process eliminates the need for home inspections, appraisals, closing costs, Realtor fees to pay, and mountains of papers to sign.

No matter where you are in Utah or the condition of your rental property — and whether it’s empty or has current tenants — we are interested in buying that property. Fill out the quick quote form, or call iBuy Utah Homes at 866-984-6638 to hear more about our one-stop solution.