Are you behind on your payments?



Sudden surprises like occupational troubles, health issues, or car problems can create unexpected, and often costly, bills. Sometimes even regular monthly bills like utilities, phone payments, and others can add up and become overwhelming.

Unfortunately, once the cycle of not being able to make payments starts, it is difficult to stop. Eventually bills pile up, penalties are added, interest rates cause the payments to increase, and a bad situation becomes even worse. In these circumstances, people are often unable to pay their monthly housing payments. When this happens, lenders can call the entire loan due, causing homeowners to face the grim reality of losing their home and ruining their credit.


If you are behind on your payments, we can help. We buy homes in situations such as these, providing relief to the homeowners and preventing foreclosure and ruined credit. At I Buy Utah Homes we provide you with a workable, respectable, and professional solution to your financial dilemma. By purchasing your home we are able to prevent a possible foreclosure, and we can even make back payments for you and work with your lender to relieve your stress.

No matter the situation, if you are behind on your payments there is something we can do to help.  Remember, time is incredibly valuable. Fill out our quote form to the right and see what we can do for you.