Has your listing expired, or is it about to? Is your realtor no help? We can buy your house!


Whether you are changing locations, moving to a larger home, or simply downsizing, you will find yourself optimistically selecting a realtor and beginning the sale of your home.  You may have several showings or open houses and may meet many potential buyers, but still end up without a sale. If your home has been on the market and the MLS real estate listing has expired, why not let I Buy Utah Homes be your buyer? 

What Factors Turn a Home Listing Into a Sale?

There are five primary factors that can help a listing turn into a sale, these include; price, condition, relator choice, market conditions, and location. While you have control over the first three factors, such as being able to determine the price, making repairs and upgrades to improve the condition, and deciding what real estate agent will do the best job for you, the other two you do not.  The market has a lot to do with your home’s selling potential as well as the neighborhood it is situated in and unfortunately these are two factors, you have no control over.

You can avoid having to deal with these issues or make these decisions when working with I Buy Utah Homes. We don’t list your home, we buy it in cash!  There are no showings, no open houses, and no marketing!

What Are the Benefits of Choosing I Buy Utah Homes?

  • We are Always in the Market – We are a real estate investment company and are always on the lookout.  We purchase multiple homes on a monthly basis.
  • We Buy Homes AS-IS – Perhaps the condition of your home is one of the reasons affecting the sale, the good news is we will not require any repairs or upgrades as we will buy your house as is.
  • We Don’t Make a Realtors Commission – We will handle and process all the paperwork in regards to the sale of your home, but unlike real estate firms, we do not charge realtor commission fees.
  • We Can Buy Your Home Quickly – We pay in cash so there is no wait for a banking or financial institution, paperwork, or the underwriting processes. This way you won’t have to even bother trying to research or choose a realtor.
  • We Can Save You the Cost of Fees – Since we are not considered a traditional real estate buyer, we do not require the paperwork that other buyers would.  That means no costly appraisals or home inspections.
  • You Won’t Have to Deal with Multiple Sellers – You can say goodbye to showings, open houses, and price haggling with sellers whose interest in your home may only be lukewarm.  You will save time and hassle avoiding lengthy negotiations between your, your realtor, and the potential buyer.

Our Expired Listing Home Buying Process Made Simplebigstock-man-and-Woman-Handing-Over-Cas-42262939

  1. We visit your Utah home and present you with an offer.
  2. You accept or reject our offer.
  3. If you accept, we handle all the closing costs and put cash in your hands.

Let I Buy Utah Give You Cash for Your Expired Listing

If you have recently listed your house with a realtor and it did not sell, contact us today.  Avoid going growing expenses, hassle and frustration, call I Buy Homes Utah to get a fair cash value on your home today.

Selling a home can be a stressful process. Realtors might try to help you, but they are often busy and can let your property slip through the cracks. If you’re ready to move on, your inability to sell your home can hold you back. It might even be costing you money if you are still paying a mortgage on the property.

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