Here at iBuy Utah Homes we have a proven track record of taking care of our clients. Our home buying specialist Andy and his team have been buying Utah homes with cash for more than 7 years. If you feel that having your home purchased with cash might be the best option for you of the three options listed above you are ate the right place. Here are just a few of the many great experiences others in a variety of housing situations have had working with us.

Jason Lewis bought my house. I was very happy with the fact that he was honest He did everything he said he would and gave me a decent price I was working with Jason and another guy. I went the Jason because he gave me a good price and we closed within 1 week with no hassle.
Marilyn Lightfoot
Odgen, UT
We owned a house in Brigham City that we wanted to sell so we called Bluemountain and talked to Jason. He followed through on exactly what we asked, explained everything to us and was very pleasant to talk to . Jason gave us a fair offer and followed through on everything.
Jim and Joyce Daily
Ogden, UT
I recently took what I considered to be 'a long shot' by calling the number of a 'home buyer' displayed in the rear window of a car traveling in front of me on SR193 to resolve a cluster of housing issues that arose from the departure of long term renters. I was skeptical that the company was even legitimate but checked it out because I was so 'done' with trying to revive the rental unit. The call resulted in an immediate assessment, a fair offer, and legal closing on the property - all within two weeks of that phone call! I consider the transaction to be a triple win because I got out from under my burden with ease, the exchange was fair to both parties, and Blue Mountain will restore the property allowing another family to live in decent housing.
Kearns, UT
I wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate all you've done. I have accomplished my goal of home-ownership as an independent, strong, woman, and Mom...which at times seemed impossible. Thank you soooo much for all the extra work you did on my home! I was brought to tears when I saw the gutters you went out of your way to put on my home to help keep the water away from the basement, this was so kind. You even replaced an entire section of the plumbing, even after we had signed our papers agreeing that it would be my responsibility, you went above and beyond. I am so grateful!
Amy Halvorsen
South Ogden, Utah
In April 2013, the Jones children made the decision to sell their family home . Contemplating the sale , they realized with the condition of the home and it's age of nearly seventy years old, together with the unfinished second level and their inability to put money into the home to bring it up to regulation standards, it would be most likely sold as-is. Several realtors were contacted to look at the property. The consensus of the realtors was the home would not comply with FHA, VA or 203K ( Government Home Rehabilitation) loan standards. As a result , through a family friend , four investors were contacted to view and asses the home. Three of the four investors submitted purchase plans for the family's consideration. Kenny Thomson of Blue Mountain was the investor our family chose to purchase our family home . After first viewing our home, Kenny shared his vision for it with us. He told us it was a "Grand Old Home" and he had the desire to finish the second level and make renovations to bring it to marketable standards. Never once did Kenny disparage the condition of our home. His Optimism for it gave our family the assurance we were placing it in good and caring hands. When our decision was made and Kenny was contacted , he met with a family member again and clearly explained the closing process. In consideration for the Jones family , the closing process was expedited and the proceeds from the home were distributed in a very timely manner. Additionally , Kenny allowed the family all the time we needed to clear the home , and he was sensitive to any fixtures we wanted to save from the home and gave us that option. The Jones Family would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere and heartfelt thanks to Kenny Thomson and Blue Mountain for their professional and caring approach in the sale of "Our Grand Old Home". We take pride in knowing that it has been beautifully renovated and finished, a dream come true for our beloved parent , Glen and Cora Jones
The Jones Family
I sold my house to iBuy Utah Homes and I live 3 states away from the house I sold. Jason Lewis handled the sale, and the transaction went smoothly. Jason is an excellent communicator, and always called me back and replied to my emails promptly. He’s friendly and is a very good listener and never treated me like he was in a hurry to get off the phone. Since I had never sold a house without going thru a realtor, I was worried that I would be taken advantage of. Jason is trustworthy and did EXACTLY as he told me he would do! My experience couldn’t have been more positive.
I got the price I wanted and sold house “AS IS.” The transaction was completed in less than 14 days. So now you know! Give them a call and you will be pleasantly surprised!
Ruby Simpkins Fletcher