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    Utah Real Estate questions

    Utah Real Estate Questions For Investors

    As real estate investors we understand that many people don’t know what we do, or how we are different from real estate agents. Learn more about us by viewing our frequently asked questions below. If you still have questions, call us at 877-803-8800 or fill out our form to the right.


    What is a real estate investor?

    A real estate investor is somebody who invests in real estate actively or passively. An active real estate investor will buy a piece of property, make any improvements to the property or necessary repairs and then sell it for profit. A passive investor, on the other hand will hire a firm that handles real estate to find and manage these properties for them.

    Will you buy my property in its current condition or “as is”?

    Yes. We will buy your house just as it is. We understand your urgency and take up all the worries that come with home improvements. Let us worry about all the paint jobs, faulty appliances, changing fixtures and all other repairs around the house.

    How long does it take to buy my property?

    Depending on your situation, this can take a few days to a week. Our clients are often surprised with our quick and efficient processing speed. We strive to process all the required paperwork and buy your house as fast as possible. We understand that your time is precious and we will not keep you waiting.

    Will the payment be in cash?

    Yes. Within days of finalizing on your paperwork, you can have the cash in your hands ready to use as you please.

    What are the differences between real estate agents and real estate investors?

    Although we deal in the same field, there are many things that differentiate us from real estate agents. As investors we don’t use the typical real estate method sales method, instead we buy the home ourselves and do renovations if needed. We take the stress out of selling your home. Real estate agents are required to get a licensed from the state for them to conduct any business while investors don’t require a license.  Real estate investors are independent business owners that buy properties. Learn more here.

    Do real estate investors have fees?

    No. Unlike real estate agents, who require a commission, we do not charge any fees as we buy the property from you.

    What factors do you consider to determine the price you will offer for my house?

    As investors, all the properties we buy is an investment we make. We carefully calculate the right amount to offer you by considering several factors key among them being: location of your house, future developments within the area, and expected income from the property.

    How do you determine the retail value on my home?

    To determine the retail value of your home, we will look at factors such as external house characteristics; home condition, water/sewage system and the lot size. Internal house characteristics: quality of construction, conditions of the appliances and the number of rooms. Supply and demand, this gives us an overview of the number of buyers and the number of homes sold over a particular period of time. Is the house in a desirable neighborhood or school district? We use these factors to determine the best retail value of your home.

    Do I have to pay closing costs?

    No! We pay all closing costs.

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    Selling your home in Utah can be a difficult process if you have time constraints or have a house that is unappealing to buyers. As real estate investors, we can help you overcome those obstacles because we don’t use the conventional real estate process to buy your home. Instead, we offer a competitive cash offers for houses in any condition, and can close on a home in as little as a week. If you are currently struggling to sell your home, or just need to sell it fast, contact us today and we will answer all of your Utah real estate questions.

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