Do you have questions about our company or process? Then you’ve come to the right place! Below, we have listed a number of frequently asked questions and our detailed responses.

Who typically sells to I Buy Utah Homes?

Our sellers come from widely diverse backgrounds and come to us for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s the desire to free themselves of a problematic rental property or the reality of facing foreclosure. Others cite life issues such as divorce or medical debt,  lack of funding to make necessary home repairs, or needing to quickly sell an inheritance property.

Will you purchase Utah homes in foreclosure?

Until a foreclosure has been finalized, you are eligible for a cash offer. In addition to the relief of a sold home and cash in hand, you can avoid negative impact on your credit by selling the property before it legally enters foreclosure.

How does the home buying process work?

Our Utah home buying process is quick and simple. First, you contact I Buy Utah Homes at 801-335-6412. Then we speed through the three remaining steps.

  1. Property Visit and Offer – We will visit your house and give you a cash offer.
  2. Decision – You have the opportunity to accept or reject our offer.
  3. Sale – When you accept our offer, your property is sold and you’ll have cash in hand.

Is there a fee associated with selling my property?

No fees! While most real estate agents or companies often charge significant fees, you will never pay a selling fee when you work with I Buy Homes Utah.   

Can I expect an offer at market value?

A number of factors contribute to the value of our offer. We consider your property’s condition and commit to making a fair offer. We do this by subtracting the cost of renovating your home from its retail value. Therefore, your offer may be less than market value, depending on the repairs and renovations needed.

Our company buys homes for cash, renovates and then sells or rents them to earn a profit. As a result of this deal, you receive the coveted conveniences of an all-cash closing. There are no closing costs, no repairs, no nerve-racking mortgage approvals. We even offer you the opportunity to close as soon as seven days’ post-offer.

How do you determine the amount you will pay for a house?

A variety of important factors are considered in the determination of an offer. These include property age and condition, necessary repairs, your home’s location, the selling price of like properties, etc. I Buy Homes Utah has extensive experience in real estate transactions and is a trusted entity for concluding a home’s fair market value.

Will you buy a house in need of repairs?

A need for repairs is no problem! In fact, the majority of properties we purchase need updating. Our company buys Utah homes AS-IS.

What type of homes does I Buy Utah Homes purchase?

It’s not just houses, we buy duplexes, townhomes, condos, and, yes, single-family homes. At this time, we do not make offers on mobile homes.

Will my mortgage be paid off?

As a result of a completed sale, your mortgage will be paid off. Legally, mortgages must be paid off when a property is sold. Any monetary balance goes to you.

Do I have to live in state in order to complete the home buying process?

You do not! If we can access your home, you are not required to be physically present. Our title company has the ability to process all your paperwork and coordinate signing electronically. If necessary, we can have a notary sent to your location. We are experts in the world of remote selling, and we take every step needed to make the selling process as smooth and simple as possible.

How do I sell my home for cash?

Start the cash-for-home process today by contacting our experts at 801-335-6412 or by completing the contact form on this page.